Back on my Grind!

Well, tonight was the night! It felt so good to be in that kind of environment with some like minded people and adult interaction. You might be asking yourself where and what is this lady talking  about…..😁 ha I’m talking about school! Yes, folks I have finally put all my fear aside and stop listening to what others what me to do and how I should do…… I am back to accomplish what I set out to do 15 years ago. I am studying Business Administration with a Minor in Communications at UMUC!  I am super excited to finish this journey.  Over the years I would tell myself that you really don’t need your degree its just paper, you what you are capable of doing just set out to do it. But in the world we live society likes to tell you that you can’t be anything unless you have a college degree…..I say be what you are called to be with or without a degree.  What do you think?


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